The Biggest Scam Of The Past Centuries

27 Aug

Yes …believe it …small rodents were able to survive natures havoc when big and angry dinosaurs were not able to.
Nature’s process of selection and elimination has chosen small mammals over the big and mighty dinosaurs for survival. In the same fashion, life’s process of selection and elimination has been playing a big role in the lives of human beings.
At one point in time, when body size and muscle mass played a big role in the everyday lives of the primitive humans, men gained the edge. Life in caves, demanded physical strength, the ability to hunt, fight, and defend. The importance of such genetic characteristics that put men in power way way back in the day has been dwindling, yet men are still riding that ship that has long sailed.
When was the last time have you or me walked to a job interview and were asked to see how big your triceps are, or how fast can you run.
In today’s world, sensitivity, attention to details, emotional openness, and multitasking are the characteristics that might land you a good job or allow you to run a company more efficiently.
Not only that, but are all characteristics that come naturally to women, while men struggle to attain.
We, men, as hard as it is to admit, are still holding on to power on the basis of ancient advantages that the world no longer needs. A fact evident even in the most successful of us. The now a days image of successful men, is a smoother, sharper, more sensitive man, and not the HULK.
If women were to wake up to the fact of their superiority, sooner than later we will be forming masculinizim groups and demanding more equality for men.
It’s actually pretty crazy that this has not happened yet. When are women going to realize that they are the iPad 2’s of the world and men are the iPad 1?
When are they going to catch us in our lies and realize that, no the iPad 1 does not rule anymore as cool as it might have been when it first came out.
Yet, please understand that loosing that position of power is also a natural thing. When a gender gets to be in control and gain the edge, the need for evolving becomes less and less, as they are already were they want to be. Yet at the same time, women kept evolving at a much faster rate than us, I mean after all they are the ones that had to deal with all the obstacles we have put in their way. That’s how one becomes better not by being in power but by having the need to overcome hardship
As such, I do have one advice for my beloved women: if you were to ever to become aware of the biggest scam of the past centuries, that men are in charge, and assimilate your true and well deserved position in this new world, please don’t use your advantage as us men did, i.e. to put others down. Truth is if we only acted on such advice, both genders would have complemented and completed each other, forming a much better world, but we didn’t.
I do apologize to all my fellow men … But I see this to be only the truth that has not caught up with us yet…. hey don’t be upset at me …I’m part of this too u know.
Thanks for reading.

Karim Maksoud


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