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23 Oct

For those of you who are religious, those who are believers, and those who are church, mosque, and temple goers, please don’t be fast at judging what I’m about to say. I am a believer too…just please hear me out.

When I was probably thirteen years old, I told my parents that God does not exist, and frankly, that didn’t go so well. Now I realize that if I had explained what I meant before laying such a heavy statement on them, it might have saved me from the storm of rage and disappointment that came my way. One thing for sure, I was not trying to say that I didn’t believe in God, but merely that the statement “God exists” is simply incorrect. If you are angry at this point, I ask you to please just bear with me and allow me to explain!

What is a God?

I am not talking about God as in the Greek mythology type of God, you know, like Poseidon the god of the sea, or Ares the god of war, but about God as the concept of a creator of everything, the ultimate reason behind every reason, a supreme being.

If this God is the creator, then he or she created everything, in fact created the act of creation itself. To be truly supreme, God, has to be above all creation, and has ultimate control over it.

One thing shared by all of God’s creation, is the concept of existence. Heaven, hell, angels, the universe, ideas, principles, good, evil, people, spirit, and anything else, all need the concept of existence in order to exist. Some do as flesh and blood, some as spirits, some as concepts and thoughts, and some as principles, everyone and everything exists even if in various forms and states. The concept of existence was not there till God created it, and as such God was there before it.

Our brains, are created to operate within the logic they were created in, one plus one is two, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and so on and so forth…

Whatever form of existence we can ever be capable of understanding is one that abides by such logic.

Faith is something we feel and our inspired by, and sometimes makes us believe in things that are metaphysical and cannot be explained by our mechanical logic. However, feelings, inspiration, and belief, are all part of our reality. Reality, once again, is another one of those concepts created for our world, one that we as creations abide by.

Imagine our world, this creation of God, as a domain that is confined within the walls of existence, logic, and reality. God is above all of that, and these walls do not confine him or her, neither does he or she abide by any such concepts.

There is nothing true or correct about our explaining of God’s existence. Our feelings and belief in God do not explain God’s existence, for they are part of our reality, which he or she does not abide by. Our logic, by its nature, makes us seek a reason for we are here, hence our search for a God, however, logic cannot explain God’s existence, because God created it and is above it.

That’s why, and based on what we know about existence, God does not exist. Saying that God exists, is untrue and incorrect, and is just a way for us to reference our belief in the concept of a God, an entity that is greater than ourselves, a reason behind every other reason. Follow my line of thinking here for a second: you say God exists, God created the act of existence and what ever form of it you are capable of imagining, so what was God before he created that concept, that word, existence? did he not exist? well if you believe in God, then for sure he did, but what ever form, way, or concept that can be used to explain his existence, is not something that anyone can ever understand. it’s not even a matter of being smart or having faith, it’s simply impossible because the brains, spirits, feelings, and heart that we use in trying to feel, love, or understand God are all part of our world that is beneath him or her.

Whenever you explain something you conquer it, because your explanation rises above it. Therefore, and since we can never rise above what created us, we can never understand God, neither can we ever explain his existence or anything else about him or her. If you believe in any religion, and believe it to be truly God sent, it’s best that you read what it says about God’s existence. I believe, since we will never be able to figure God out, as we are not equipped for it, I think it’s best that we just take his or her word for it.

And yes, I know, what a screwed up in the head thirteen year old kid I was, to be thinking about this…right!