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15 Oct

So, here’s how it goes…

A creator that has no creator, exists in no place or time, can do anything he or she wants, an almighty we have never seen yet we feel and believe in, for some unknown reason created EXISTENCE. He or she started by making an infinite universe. A light year is the distance light covers in one year, and in just one second, light goes around earth and back 7.5 times. It takes a hundred thousand of those light years to cross our galaxy alone, and our universe has hundreds of billions of those galaxies… I know, pretty freaken infinite, right! God or whatever you call him, the creator, made Heaven, a place where you can live eternally in lush gardens and flowing rivers, and where all your dreams come true. He or she then made angels, incredible beings that are purely there to worship God, and made a couple of humans, Adam and Eve. One of the angels went bad and became the devil, which lead to the creation of Hell, a place where everything is burning and….. Just really bad. Eve tempted Adam to eat some forbidden apple, oh yes did I forget to mention that God left Adam and Eve in Heaven and asked them to enjoy everything except this one freaken apple (no clue why), and they were banished to earth, where they are to start a whole race of humans.

Now, on earth, these guys having nothing else to do, just started going at it like maniacs, and here we are… Oh no, that’s not all….

As they populated a whole planet, these two very busy and very tired individuals (I mean what a libido) realized that they were not the only beings sent down here, but God has also sent that bad angel, the devil. Yes, earth really was the detention spot of existence.

So, here we are, humans, we live on this tiny minute planet that almost does not exist when compared to the vastness of space, we are constantly tempted by evil (the devil) and good (God). We come as babies, helpless and dependent on others, we grow up and go through school, playing sports, falling in love, heart breaks, sadness, happiness, friendship, work, career, marriage, having kids, and eventually getting old and back to being helpless and dependent on others once more. Some people are born into wealth and their parents rent cruise ships for them to have a birthday party and some work on the cruise ships to put food on the table for their families. One million kids died in the former republic of Congo from preventative diseases like the typical ear infections babies get, because they could not afford the 15 cents per child, needed to buy antibiotics, while P. Diddy bought his son a $360000.00 Maybach for his 16th birthday (nothing wrong with that, just worth mentioning).

Most of us believe in the same God but have different names for him or her, and even though we all agree that God is good, somehow we always end up using our belief to hate, judge, fight, and discriminate against one another. We have religions that all say the same thing, don’t kill, don’t, steel, don’t hate, but we translated that to WAR. Our wars have also been about money, which is a piece of paper that we assigned a value to. We are so advanced we have sent robots to the Mars, but some of us, humans, still discriminate based on color, gender, and sexual orientation, oh and women are not allowed to drive on Mars…sorry…. I mean in Saudi Arabia…oooops.

Any way, after that we die… Yes I know you hate that word, nevertheless, it will happen. Every body dies, and goes back to God who will judge you based on your actions… All of what we have done, good and bad gets weighed, and based on the results you get to move to your next, more permanent residence. By the way, God supposedly knows the future and he already knew what each of us is going to do on this earth before he or she is even born, so why this whole judgment day thing? Anyway…

If you have more good than bad, you go to heaven and live there forever, and yes you are supposed to be as happy as can be, because of the lush gardens and stuff, and all your dreams that will come true.

If you were a jerk and your bad weighs more than your good, well, you get to burn in Hell forever…. Literally…. I mean it!

We have no idea why some kids are depressed over loosing their hair due to chemo while others are depressed because their hair is not quit like Justin Biebers’ or Hannah Montana‘s.

Somehow we are able to make sense of all of this madness. To us this is just life, and we try to hold on to it so dearly.

My question is, why is Santa clause, the Easter bunny, or the tooth fairy, so hard to believe in?

If you stop for a second and think about all the crazy, unexplainable, weird, and completely illogical aspects of this life that we live and believe in, a fat guy in a red suit flying around on a reindeer to give toys to kids, doesn’t sound that fictional. Compared to life, it actually sounds pretty reasonable and nice.

My brothers and sisters we live in a place where for Hell there is a Heaven for night there is a day, for light there is darkness, and for good there is evil, a place where for every positive there is a negative…. Doesn’t a plus and a minus add up to zero, and that’s just it…. may be this whole thing is just too crazy to be real. Maybe LIFE  just adds up to a big fat nothing… or is that hard to believe?        (+)  + (-) = 0