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28 Sep plant an idea

I imagine that from the title you already realize that this is one of my RANTS. It is very hard for me to witness something not fair, not right, not logical, and not say anything about it. It is also very hard for me not to admit that the more I think about the two genders the more I realize how us MEN have really abused our position in life.

One topic that has been bothering me recently is that of RAPE.

What would you do if one day, while at a coffee shop, a van pulls up next to where you are sitting, and in a “MISSION IMPOSSIBLE” style, four beautiful women emerge, forcefully kidnap you, drive you to a safe house, and rape you for hours before releasing you ?

This was the question I asked ten guys. the responses were …. well you judge.

“Get on the phone and call all my friends”, “Ask them for their phone number”, “Offer to pay for the van rental next time”, “Would be incredible as long as I was able to keep up with all four”, etc…..

Even though ten men are by no way a good representation of the all men, and even though I hate generalizations myself, yet believe me such a scenario would be a dream come true for most men.

When I tried to ask that question to ten women, in some cases I wasn’t even allowed to continue the question, some were really offended at how horrible of a question this was, one cried, and most expressed utter disgust and fear at the idea.

Yes, to any woman, rape is probably the closest experience to death, in fact many would wish for death instead.

All of this leads to my question:” How fair, how RIGHT, and how logical is it that a male gets to judge a rapist, when a male cannot fully comprehend the crime of RAPE?

Men have no clue as to the relationship between a woman and her body. A woman’s body reacts to her emotions, while a man’s body reacts in a much more mechanical and chemical way. Women’s feelings, emotions, and body act as one unit in responding to stimulation, while a man’s body reacts to stimulation independent of his feelings and emotions which can only act as enhancers when present. Simply, women are in control of their bodies while men are, to a certain extent, controlled by them. That is why, even though a man might know how bad RAPE is, but he might never fully understand the effects of such a crime on a woman. That is why RAPE, to one gender, is a death sentence, yet to the other it could be something to brag about. Steeling is bad, but shop lifting is not as bad as robbing a bank, and if you don’t know which steeling did the thief commit, you are in no position to pass a fair judgement on him or her.

I do apologize for generalizing so much, and I do hope that you know I don’t mean to picture men as mechanical feelingless beasts, however, I do know that the way we relate to our bodies is much more primitive and mechanical than women do. I also know that if laws pertaining to RAPE were not mostly written and enforced by men, RAPE would not have been as prevalent as it is today…… we know it’s really really bad, but not how bad it really is.

RAPE is not fair, not right, not logical, and neither is allowing a gender that does not fully comprehend it, to deal with it.