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20 Oct

Simplicity is the outcome of utmost complexity. We all come to earth as babies, simple beings. As we go through life, we become more and more complex. We experience physical changes, interact with other people, and discover the world around us. Education, love, friendship, parents, children, sadness, happiness, are just parts of what we go through along the way. We develop wants not just needs, we develop relationships with friends and lovers not just caregivers, we develop opinions not just reactions, and we set out to discover the world instead of being subjected to it.

A real life example would be in the way we form our relationships. In the early stages of childhood, our relationships are limited to caregivers, protectors, and entertainers. Our interaction with them is also limited to happiness or sadness, and what feels good or bad. As we get older, our relationships involve more vocabulary, such as control, love, respect, trust, hate, connect, fun, inspire, etc…. During this period of trial and error, life becomes very complicated as we experiment with love, friendship, and identity. Out of this chaos, and only if we have been learning from our experiences, a simple form does emerge, a clearer self, one that has a better understanding of the world and how it reacts to it. Our relationships become more specific, our friends are split into best friends or acquaintances, and our lovers become soul mates.

In geometry a straight line is the simplest of shapes, yet this simple and straight form is nothing less than the result of complexity at its highest levels. Life starts like the smooth surface of a straight line, pure and simple. It gets corrupted by the complex shapes that life throws at it, complex shapes that keep coming together only to form that straight, smooth, and simple surface once again.

The more we accumulate of life’s experiences, the more we understand life and how we react to it. Those of us who stop at various points of their lives to reflect on how they’re evolving, and what lessons they’ve learned, are more capable of filling up the gaps in their life line, and as such, simplify their lives as they go. We grow older and older, and once again we become like babies, simple beings. We look for needs not wants, seek caregivers not just lovers, and receive whatever the world throws our way instead of trying to explore anymore of it. At this point, we are evolved beings that have seen life, have narrowed it down to its most basic realities, and are at peace with it and themselves. We, would have been through it all, and completely understand that life is so complex, it’s simple.

Good luck!